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WHO GFN EQAS (WHO Global Foodborne Infection Network External Quality Assurance System)

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Salmonella spp.
Division of Enteric Diseases
Phone #:
(204) 789-6009
(204) 789-5012

A proficiency panel comprised of eight Salmonella isolates offered world wide by the WHO GFN.  The NML, in collaboration with WHO, distributes these panels to the participating laboratories in Canada.  Laboratories must perform identification, appropriate serotyping and antimicrobial testing on these strains.  Results are evaluated and reported by WHO GFN.


Serogrouping, serotyping and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Salmonella isolates.  EQAS provides the opportunity for proficiency testing which is considered an important tool for the production of reliable laboratory results of consistently good quality.


There is no participation fee. Laboratories should, however, cover the expenses for parcel shipment if they can afford it.

Eligibility criteria for participation:

All national and regional reference laboratories which perform analysis on Salmonella and are interested in participating in an external quality assurance program are invited to participate.

Confidentiality arrangements:

Participants are assigned alphanumeric codes which anonymizes their identity. Participant’s contact information and results are not shared among the group.

How to apply:

This link will open a sign-up webpage:

In this webpage, you will be asked to provide the following information:

-       Name of institute, department, laboratory, and contact person

-       Complete mailing address for shipment of bacterial isolates (no post-office box number)

-       Telephone and fax number, e-mail address

-       Approximate number of Salmonella isolates annually serogrouped/serotyped

-       Approximate number of Salmonella isolates annually tested for antimicrobial susceptibility

-       Level of reference function in your country

-       FedEx or DHL import account number (if available)

-       Availability of the ATCC 25922 E. coli reference strain

-       Components of EQAS 2018 you plan to participate in

If you experience any problem in the sign-up webpage, please try again a few days later. If problems persist, please contact the EQAS Coordinator Susanne Karlsmose Pedersen: E-mail